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McGills – Deeply rooted in the agricultural sector

With offices strategically located in Cirencester, Malmesbury, and Fairford, McGills is at the heart of the Cotswolds. Our deep connection to this region has made us the trusted partner for numerous family farms, ancestral estates, equestrian ventures, and the broader agricultural supply chain.

Specialised services for the agricultural and rural sector

The agricultural and rural sector is not just a client group for us; it is a passion. We specialise in serving:

Family farms: Ensuring their legacy continues for generations.

Agricultural suppliers & tradespeople: Supporting the backbone of the rural economy.

Equestrian businesses: Helping them gallop towards success.

Family estates: Preserving their heritage and ensuring their future.

We recognise the challenges you face. Whether you’re looking to diversify, expand, or transition your business to the next generation, McGills is here to guide you every step of the way.

Our services include:

  • Strategic business structures: Optimise your business with tax-efficient structures, be it partnerships or limited companies.
  • Agricultural tenancies: Expert advice tailored to your needs.
  • Financial planning: From cash flow forecasting to raising finance for expansion or land purchases.
  • Land & property transactions: Guidance on sales, purchases, and diversification.
  • Tax advice: Assisting you with Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, VAT Returns, and more.
  • Protection & planning: Protecting your family business from unforeseen challenges, including next-generation uncertainties and succession planning.
  • Inheritance Tax reviews: Ensure your legacy is passed on efficiently.
  • Business development: Commercial advice to help your business thrive in a competitive landscape.

Grow your rural business with McGills – contact us today

The future of the agricultural and rural sector is promising, and with McGills by your side, you’re poised for growth and success. Let us help you save time, money, and tax, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: your land, your legacy, and your community.

Ready to cultivate success for your rural business?

Contact McGills Accountancy today and discover the difference specialist support can make.

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