Management accounts

Guide to running a limited companyWe provide our clients with accurate and efficient management accounts which, in turn, helps them to track and control their businesses and respond quickly to both adverse and advantageous moves within the market.

Great partnerships start here – we can help:

  • Prepare monthly or quarterly management accounts
  • Provide timely business analysis of the results
  • Meet and discuss the figures and the impact on your business

The benefits for you:

  • Enables you to react quickly to changes within your business
  • Quickly identifies negative trends within your costs and sales
  • Helps you to make better financial decisions
  • Allows enhanced tax planning opportunities
  • Identifies and assesses any risks within your business
  • Provides assurance to your finance providers and stakeholders
  • Benchmarks you against similar organisations

To find out how McGills can prepare management accounts which will help to save you time, money and tax, please contact us now.