Join the ranks for top professionals with
a paid accountancy apprenticeship!

Earn while you learn!

All tuition paid for!

Time off for study!

Real long-term prospects!

Get a head start on your friends!

Stay in the Cotswolds!

A route that’ll let you
do the fun things in life!

If it’s a question of parties vs paycheques, the
paycheques have to win every time! Put simply, by
earning while you learn, you’ll have the cash in your
pocket to do the things you want to do.

A route that lets you
make a difference!

As the ‘trusted advisers’ of the business world, accountants can
make a huge difference.

Whether helping people to set up their own businesses,
helping established business reach their goals or simply
enabling local businesses to thrive through sound advice and
management – accountancy can boost individual prospects
and successful businesses alike.

Being an accountant allows us not only to enjoy intellectually
challenging work but also to make a real difference!

A route that challenges you!

Being an accountant provides an intellectually stimulating
career path, prompting continual learning and growth.
Challenge yourself daily by applying your analytical abilities
to accurately evaluate financial reports, assess cash flows and
advise clients.

Challenge yourself further with complex problem-solving to
forecast future business operations and develop cost-effective

Push your intellect outside the field of finance in areas such
as technology where data analytics are in high demand.
An accountancy career will continuously enhance your
knowledge; giving you an enviable advantage in the
world of business!

A route that’ll
take you places!

With the right attitude, ambition and drive, accountancy has the potential to take you places. It is a career pathway that can demonstrate to key stakeholders in an organisation that you have something to offer.

From being a trusted advisor who understands the finances inside and out, through to becoming one of the most senior decision-makers at businesses or organisations across the economy -the skills needed to successfully work within such a field are highly sought after and widely respected.

Take your career into your own hands, choose accountancy and see where it takes you!

Enjoy a career at the
forefront of developments
in data and AI!

With its forward-thinking applications of data and Artificial
Intelligence, accountancy is a fast-paced sector perfect for
those looking to get ahead in their professional life; one that
requires creative problem-solving and the ambition to lead
projects worthy of advancement.

Pursuing an accountancy role will open doors to numerous
potential opportunities for career development and make you
a trailblazer in the industry. Embrace this challenge and let
your boldness drive you to become an accountancy exemplar.

one career, two entry points!

Lay the foundations with
Cirencester College and McGills!

If you’re a school-leaver with GCSEs or A-Levels:

Accountancy is an interesting and rewarding career, which means there’s plenty to learn. Our apprenticeships with Cirencester College will give you a mix of four days a week of workplace experience and a day in the classroom.

You’ll be able to build your experience while pursuing different levels of the AAT qualifications, which are designed to equip you with a solid understanding of the fundamentals of accountancy and tax.

Find out more about our Level 2, 3, and 4 apprenticeships with Cirencester College here.

Get Chartered with First
Intuition and McGills!

If you’re an A-Level school-leaver or a graduate:

You can follow a masters-level Level 7 Apprenticeship that will allow you to obtain the ACA Chartered Accountancy qualification – the industry’s gold standard professional qualification.

We’ll cover the costs, give you time off for study and exams, while offering you advice and guidance from our team of experienced professionals.

Find out more about our Level 7 ACA Chartered Accountancy apprenticeships with First Intuition here.

Award-winning apprenticeships!

In December 2022, we won the category for ‘Best Employer Contribution
for Apprentices’ in the annual Cirencester College awards.

Anyway, what do accountants do?

Well, you might be surprised to learn that accounts only
represent a small part of what accountants do nowadays!

They are experts in the nuts and bolts of running profitable
businesses.  Business owners are often experts in their fields but
aren’t necessarily experts in how to turn this expertise into cold
hard cash as effectively as possible.

Today’s accountants are looked upon to assist their clients
achieve their goals, both business and personal. They are
required to be more IT literate than ever before, as well as being
effective communicators delivering complex information to
clients in a timely, accessible way.


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