We help pupils grow with polytunnel donation

We have helped pupils at a local primary school grow with a donation to fund the installation of a polytunnel.

McGills donated nearly £600 from our Community Activity Fund towards the installation of the polytunnel at Malmesbury Primary School.

The polytunnel forms the centrepiece of the school’s garden project, which it is aiming to make self-sufficient by selling produce. This year alone, it has made £200 through the sale of tomatoes.

We established our Community Fund a year ago by seeking applications from organisations in and around Malmesbury that promote community activities.

Simon Nuttall visited Malmesbury Primary School on Monday 15 July 2019 to present the cheque for £600 to staff and pupils.

He said: “We were very impressed when we received the application from Malmesbury Primary School to the McGills Community Activity Fund for this project.

“It is a great way to engage pupils with self-sufficiency, sustainability, the environment and business ideas at a young age.

“It was wonderful to be able to visit the school and see the project for myself. The pupils clearly love spending time in the garden and feel proud when the fruit and vegetables they have grown are sold.”

Earlier this year, McGills Chartered Accountants donated £400 from the McGills Community Activity Fund towards the cost of a new artificial surface at Malmesbury Bowls and Social Club’s St John’s Street ground.

Meanwhile, in December 2018, the firm donated £150 from the Community Activity Fund to help HEALS (Help Empowerment and Local Support) of Malmesbury provide transport to people attending its Christmas lunch.