McGills support student’s win of sponsored college award

McGills Accountants have shown their support at Cirencester College’s latest awards ceremony by putting their name to the McGills Accountants Award for Aspiring Accountants.

Cirencester accountants support student's win of sponsored college award

Award-winner, George Dudman, Cirencester College (left) and Christine Owens, Senior Staff Member at McGills (right)

McGills, who have offices in Cirencester, sponsored the award to support hard-working students in their community that have a passion to pursue a career in accounting.

The prize was awarded to former A Level Accounts Student, George Dudman, whom the College had recognised as one of last year’s hardest-working, most successful accounting students.

The ceremony honoured some 90 present and past students in a variety of categories and was attended by a range of sponsors hoping to meet and greet the lucky winners.

George Dudman accepted the trophy on stage, along with £100 worth of vouchers.

McGills’ Christine Owens personally attended the event to congratulate the lucky winner.

Christine Owens, a senior staff member at McGills, said: “It gives me great pleasure to be here at such an important event in the local community which may well give rise to Gloucestershire’s next generation of accountants.

“On behalf of everyone at McGills, I am delighted for George and I hope that he will continue to pursue his passion for accountancy in higher education”.

The event marks the first time McGills have sponsored an award at Cirencester College, and they are pleased to comment that it certainly won’t be the last.