Our Top 10 tips for smooth MTD filing!

When registering:

  • When registering for MTD the company number needs a 0 in front, unless it is already an 8 digit number;
  • Make sure the verification process is properly completed, keep following the screens through until you get to HMRC’s confirmation screen;
  • Have your company number, National Insurance number, registered postcode and unique taxpayer reference number (UTR) to hand.

When attempting to file:

  • Remember, although there are a lot of changes due to MTD, it is still a VAT return you are filing, so you still need to check the transactions and balances on the return are correct.
  • Before filing, make sure you have received the email from HMRC confirming you are registered.
  • Within your VAT MTD compliant software, the VAT number should not have any spaces in;
  • You need to ensure you have the appropriate permissions in your cloud software to file, check with us if unsure;
  • Ensure you have access to your verification code which HMRC will provide you with via text/phone/app as you attempt to file for the first time;
  • Be patient – it can take up to 5 minutes for the filing to complete, don’t retry too soon.
  • The software does not pay your return, you will still need to pay HMRC in the same way you did before.

If you would like help preparing for MTD or are struggling with the complexities of the current VAT regime, please contact us.