Sherston Wine Company

Sherston Wine Company is based in the village of Sherston near Malmesbury. Established in 1975, this small, but successful, off-licence business specialises in providing drinks for weddings, funerals, birthday celebrations, as well as sporting and other social events. During the summer months, in particular, business is extremely brisk.

For owner, June Godwin, who joined the business as a shop girl and rose through the ranks, working with McGills was an easy decision to make.

“When I took over the company, McGills were already in place and had been looking after the accounts for some time. Everything was running like clockwork so I didn’t feel the need to change things.

“Being a sole trader, it can be quite an isolated experience at times. I don’t have fellow directors to turn to for advice, but having Simon Nuttall at the end of the phone line has been fantastic. He’s always been there for me and he’s guided me every step of the way, helping me to overcome various business obstacles along the way

“He takes care of my books, my personal financial planning and I know I can totally rely upon the honest, down to earth advice that he gives.

“At Sherston Wine Company, our philosophy is that you get what you pay for. I like to think that a good wine is like a good accountant – if you buy the absolute cheapest you can find, it’s not always the hallmark of great quality.

“Over the years I’ve been more than happy to give McGills a 100 per cent recommendation.  Simon’s advice has always been rock solid and it continues to be a pleasure to deal with him and the McGills team.”