Bob Products

Bob Products are designers and manufacturers of the ‘ShowerBoB’ range of shower timers. Set up seven years ago, Bob Products is a small, family-owned business, with four employees, based near Stroud.

The company sells its products to companies, charities, housing associations and universities to help them promote their sustainability campaigns and educate their target audience. Bob Products also sell direct to the public via Amazon and its own online shop.

Director, Nigel Schermuly, explains how his business relationship with McGills first began. He said: “I have another sole trader business that they do the accounts for. Mcgills first came to see me about 11 years ago and offered a less expensive accounts package and more advice, as well as annual face to face meetings. My previous accounts firm charged more and did not include a meeting, so the transition to McGills was an obvious step.

“I was so happy with the service they provided that when we set up Bob Products, I asked them to work with us on the new business too.”

He continued: “We are a fairly straight forward company, run by the directors so we do not have employees and payroll to factor in. McGills take the paperwork from our bookkeeper that they recommended and prepare our accounts for submission. Mcgills is very good at explaining technicalities to us and keeping us up to date with government policy that potentially affects us.”

McGills have assisted Nigel and his company through challenging times in the past. He continued: “In the early days we had some account complications because we manufacture in China, which means we can have work-in-progress issues to do with our accounts, but thankfully Mcgills steered us through these issues and we were very glad of her expertise.

“Looking forwards, there will no doubt come a time when we possibly want to sell the company, or one of the directors will want to put in place an exit strategy and I can see McGills advice being extremely important to us at this time.

Commenting on his working relationship with McGills, Nigel said: “We have always got on very well with them. They are very good at explaining some of the more complicated accounts procedures to us and are very patient when we need further clarification.

They have made it easier for us to concentrate on the business, production, marketing, sales and so on by taking on the bookkeeping and accounts side of the business. What is more, they instil confidence in us that we are doing a good job.

“I have had a number of people ask me which firm of accountants I use and I have always been more than happy to pass on Mcgills details to them because they have always done a first class job for me.”