UK businesses could lose £195 million per day in workplace productivity

According to new research, the UK economy could lose £195 million per day in wages because employees are spending an average of 1 hour 24 minutes every day being unproductive.

The research found that 54 per cent of UK workers are looking to change jobs in the next year, with 38 per cent hoping to move within the next six months.

Just one-tenth of workers are expecting to be at the same place of work in four years’ time, which has resulted in workplace productivity decreasing.

The survey found that three-quarters of workers admitted they are unproductive at work, with 20 per cent stating that the reason they are unproductive is because they don’t feel challenged in their current role.

This figure increased for those that intend to change jobs within the next 12 months, while productivity decreased by an additional 20 per cent once an individual has handed in their notice.

The research has also found that the biggest reason for leaving a role is professional training and development, with 32 per cent citing it as the main factor for changing jobs, while 30 per cent stated that career progression was the reason for leaving.

Alexandra Sydney, Director at Totaljobs, said: “Despite economic uncertainty, British workers are confident and willing to look elsewhere and change jobs in order to get the things they want from an employer.

“For employers focused on retention, it’s clear that money isn’t the key driver in job satisfaction. Instead, a healthy work-life balance, feeling valued and having opportunities to progress is what keeps people in a job.

“Happy employees are engaged employees and while a fall in productivity can cost a business financially, fixing the issues needn’t. When attracting new hires, it’s these same elements that businesses should shout about in order to land the best talent.”