Deborah Morton- FCA - Associate

Deborah trained as a chartered accountant, whilst working for a large Swindon-based company. After qualifying, she progressed to managerial level and covering a wide range of accounting .

Deborah joined McGills’ Cirencester office in 2008, initially as Alison’s technical personal assistant.

In June 2015, Deborah became an Associate and moved to McGills’ Malmesbury as office manager, where she looks after the accounting and tax needs of owner-managed businesses.

Learn more about Deborah:

Q: Is there one thing about you that most people do not know?

A: I have recently joined a netball team and I’m playing competitive matches for the first time in 25 years.

Q: What would you have been if you weren’t an accountant?

A: I had many ideas as a child from air hostess to vet, but as an accountant, I think I actually found a career which suited my logical brain.

Q: What unfulfilled ambition do you have?

A: I would have loved to travel more when I was younger. Now, having children, the places we can visit are more limited but hopefully later in life, once they are grown up, we will be able to start travelling further afield again.

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